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Pilates is a strength and conditioning fitness activity that focuses on core muscles and posture

Pilates is a strength and conditioning fitness activity that focuses on central muscle groups that are associated with posture and joint stability.  Pilates is used to develop strong core stabilising musculature, in particularly about the abdomen, lower back and hips.

Many people with long-term joint disorders demonstrate weakness and poor flexibility, typically leading to posture and gait changes in order to compensate for the underlying condition.  Unlike many other forms of physical exercise, conditioning by Pilates is generally well tolerated by people with a variety of joint disorders, as the movements are non-impact, highly controlled and can be very specific to individual muscle groups.

If practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance throughout the entire body.

At Recovery Medical we offer Pilates with a personalised approach, delivered either individually or in small group classes. Our programs are developed and supervised by practitioners who have training and experience to understand the specific requirements of people undertaking surgery. We also offer a range of complementary associated services such as physiotherapy, gymnasium programs, exercise physiology and dietetics to best help achieve your goals.

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